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Supercharge Your Riding Experience On The Best Fixie
In Town: Throw Your Leg Over A VeloMofo Single Speed

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Welcome to VeloMofo! To get started it's super simple... just click on the fixie you like below or the bike rims and that will take you through to where you can choose the frame size of your fixed gear bike and customise it to suit you and your style. Remember Life time Frame and Fork Warranty* and 12 months on most parts* 

3 Easy Ways To Avoid Being…
Ripped Off, Riding A Junker or Looking Like A Poser When Shopping For Your New Fixie

This guide has been put together to save you from blowing your dough on a crap fixie, so you aren’t caught riding a bike which is simply un cool and to remove you from all the issues you will encounter if you buy a substandard fixie / singlespeed – which there are plenty of being sold in the market place.

I’m often asked what to look for when it’s time to turn to the darks side and throw your leg over a fixie so here are 3 easy ways to avoid facing the issues that we are constantly having to fix for people that have had a bad buying experience.

There’s more to it than just this but for today we’ll cover the frame, the wheels and rolling stock.

When it comes to the frame and fork when purchasing your fixie although weight is important for a fixie… it’s not the most critical choice what is, is the quality of the welding of the frame and what kind of warranty is offered. VeloMofo offer a lifetime frame and fork warranty. The fact that we can do this is a testament to the quality of the frame and how much we believe in the product. And for the buyer we want to make sure that there is absolutely no risk for you with our guarantee.

The rims… This is super important! If there is one thing that will make the most difference on the performance of your bike, the quality, durability and safety it’s the rims. Let’s start with materials most fixie rims may look good but reality is that they are dogs. This starts with the manufacturing of the side walls. Most side walls are only single aluminium and not a good quality either. VeloMofo rims are double walled aluminium which means they are light weight and super strong because of the structure. Single wall rims are heavy and don’t have the best structural integrity for flex or strength.

Next is the breaking surface of the rims – most cheap rims do not have a purpose made braking surface. This is not to say that if you hit bakes you will not stop – however it does mean that you won’t stop as quickly and this could make a big difference to your health if you’re in traffic. VeloMofo rims have a cnc’ machined braking surface which means when you pull on the anchors to stop you do!.

Next let’s talk about the look of your rims – on the cheap rims the paint is 9 out of 10 times covering the braking surface. Looks good until you roll out of the shop and use your brakes for the first time… then the paint starts to get worn off and your nice new looking wheels… look like shit! That’s not cool…

Lastly today we are going to talk about the tyres – I’ll keep this one short for you – what makes a good tyre is the thread used and the thickness of tyre wall and of course the rubber rolling surface. Cheap tyres have a thin tyre wall and this means nothing but trouble for you. What happens is that the tyre wall can roll of the rim when cornering because the thickness of the wall is not capable of withstanding the pressure exerted when turning – can you imagine the tyre rolling of the rim while cornering – that would hurt! Another issue that happens with cheap tyre is that the manufacturing process of the rubber onto the canvas carcass is quick and cheap so this means that the tread is not aligned and every time you ride there’s an annoying bump in the rotation of each revolution of the wheel. So easy way around this is to make sure you have a good trye. At VeloMofo we use Kenda tyres which are reliable and always good quality.